If University students find themselves in tough situations, we’re here to lend a hand — we may provide aid in various forms such as covering meal expenses, subsidising the cost of travel home, or other kinds of financial support.
Financial aid
To apply for financial aid, you’ll need to submit a request personally via your Student Personal Account. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the terms and procedures for receiving financial aid in this section.
You can seek primary medical care at SPbU health centers. The doctor will consult acutely ill patients, prescribe treatment, hospitalize if necessary, transfer under the supervision of a district doctor from the territorial clinic, and help navigate the examination and treatment tactics.
You can get vaccinated against coronavirus infection in St Petersburg at any of the 70 vaccination centers. Vaccination center addresses with phone numbers for vaccination registration are posted on the healthcare committee’s website. You can find detailed information about COVID-19 vaccination here.
COVID-19 Vaccination
To receive outpatient medical care, you need to attach to a clinic on the "Public Services" or personally at the clinic.

If you live in a hall of residence on Vasilevsky Isl., it is advisable to attach to the SPb State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "City Polyclinic No. 3" of Vasileostrovsky district.

If in halls of residence in Peterhof — to the clinic of the SPb State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "Nikolaevskaya Hospital".
Don’t forget to provide your vaccination certificate at the health center. Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination and seasonal flu vaccination are carried out at SPbU health centers.
You can call a doctor at home by dialing 112 or 103.
Health center No. 1
Health center No. 2

Health center No. 3
Vasilevsky Isl., 7th line, 16-18, first floor
+7 (812) 676-01-12
Peterhof, Universitetsky pr., 35, first floor
+7 (812) 428-45-31
Vasilevsky Isl., Kamskaya st., 16, first floor
Medical care
If you need professional help, you can submit a request through the form on the website. For those who prefer consultations in Peterhof, please fill out this form. Or write an email:
Mental health support
to ask any question that requires psychological support. Telephone operating hours - weekdays from 14:00 to 22:00.