For three centuries now, The Scientific Library of St Petersburg University has been serving university education and science.
The University has access to a vast collection of leading global publishers — Elsevier, Springer Nature, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and many more. An electronic "knowledge space" has been formed, in which you can access different types of sources, from journals and books to images, videos, and experimental data.
Your library card is issued upon admission, and you need to present it to the library staff. You can visit any departmental branches, and remote access is available with your login (st****) and password from anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit the website of the M. Gorky Scientific Library of St Petersburg University.
199034, St Petersburg, Universitetskaya Emb., 7–9
+7 (812) 328-94-42
Department Head: Anna Yurievna Tsvetkova
199034, St Petersburg, Universitetskaya Emb., 11
+7 (812) 328-95-49
Department Head: Milana Alexandrovna Azarkina
199178, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, Sredniy pr., 41
+7 (812) 363-60-00, доб. 1606
Department Head: Olga Anatolyevna Klenova
199155, St Petersburg, Decembrists Lane, 16
+7 (812) 363-60-00, ext. 6561
Department Head: Svetlana Vasilyevna Platonova
Oriental Studies
Geography and Geoecology Departments
The main fund of The Scientific Library of St Petersburg University is located in the Twelve Colleges building, and 21 industry departments by directions of training are housed in the university buildings, where you can get a library card.
7 million
72 000
40 000
3 million
printed publications
rare books
Eastern, Old Slavic, and Western European manuscripts
bibliographical descriptions of printed editions in the electronic catalog
199053, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, 1st line, 26
+7 (812) 363-61-11, доб. 3416
Department Head: Tatyana Yakovlevna Trotsko
198504, St Petersburg, Old Peterhof, University pr., 28
+7 (812) 363-60-00, доб. 9035, 9030
Department Head: Irina Alexeevna Matveeva
199034, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, 21st line, 8a
+7 (812) 326-03-26, ext. 5238
Department Head: Alla Vladimirovna Rastvortseva
Mathematics and Mechanics
193060, St Petersburg, Smolnogo St., 1/3, entrance 8
+7 (812) 363-64-11
+7 (812) 363-60-00
Department Head: Anna Alexandrovna Petrushina
199004, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Isl., Volkhovsky Lane, 3
198510, St Petersburg, Petrodvorets district, St Petersburg highway, 109 (Mikhailovskaya dacha campus)
+7 (812) 457-14-81
+7 (812) 323-84-43
Department Head: Muleva Juliya Nikolayevna
International Relations, Political Science, and Sociology
199034, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Isl., Makarov Emb., 6
+7 (812) 328-94-06
Department Head: Elena Petrovna Sudnitsyna
199034, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, Lieutenant Schmidt Emb., 11/2
+7 (812) 323-39-62
Department Head: Anastasia Vladimirovna Ivanova
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Russian Language and Culture
198504, St Petersburg, Old Peterhof, Ulyanovskaya St., 3
+7 (812) 428-43-26
Department Head: Marina Olegovna Kraukhina
199034, St Petersburg, University Emb., 7–9
+7 (812) 328-95-64
Department Head: Olga Vadimovna Vasileva
191194, St Petersburg, Chaikovsky St., 62
+7 (812) 363-64-93
Department Head: Galina Anatolyevna Alexeeva
199026, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, 22nd Line, 7
+7 (812) 363-68-33
Department Head: Ekaterina Alexandrovna Yatsuk
190005, St Petersburg, Izmailovsky pr., 27
199178, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Isl., Kamskaya St., 16
199155, St Petersburg, Vasilevsky Isl., Kakhovsky Lane, 9
+7 (812) 322-53-15, доб. 2727
Department Head: Lilia Anatolyevna Chelpanova
Secondary and Vocational Education Programmes
Social Sciences (History and Philosophy)
199034, St Petersburg, Mendeleevskaya line, 5
+7 (812) 328-97-07
Department Head: Tatiana Ivanovna Balymova
Applied Mathematics and Control Processes
198504, St Petersburg, Old Peterhof, University pr., 35
+7 (812) 363-60-00, ext. 9529
Department Head: Ekaterina Alexandrovna Pankina
Liberal Arts and Sciences
190000, St Petersburg, Galernaya St., 58–60
+7 (812) 363-60-00, ext. 2213
Department Head: Anna Nodarovna Varustina
198504, St Petersburg, Old Peterhof, University pr., 26
+7 (812) 428-40-23
Department Head: Tatyana Albertovna Devyatkin
Library of the Russian Chemical Society
199034, St Petersburg, Universitetskaya Emb., 7–9c
Department Head: Tatyana Mikhailovna Nikuradze
St Petersburg University holds an Open International Olympiad for students Petropolitan Science (Re)Search
in 17 areas.
research areas
St Petersburg University is an organizing university in the areas of "Philology", "Law", "Linguistics", "Geography" for the All-Russian Olympiad for students "I am a professional". Diploma winners of the "I am a professional" Olympiad will be able to take advantage of the benefits when applying for graduate, postgraduate, and residency programmes, as well as the opportunity to intern at a large company.

The results of the PS®S Olympiad are taken into account when enrolling in master’s and doctoral programmes: depending on the area of study, Olympiad diploma winners can receive up to 100 additional points for individual achievements when entering the graduate and postgraduate programmes at St Petersburg University.
organizing universities
employer partners
To create a modern scientific infrastructure, the University has established a Research Park, which comprises 23 resource centers. With its equipment and technological capabilities, the Research Park is unique in Russia and, in some areas, globally.
You can learn about the history of the Research Park, take a guided tour, and learn the algorithm for conducting research on equipment here.
сost of equipment
Research Park
The Park’s equipment can be used for research by external customers, research groups, as well as students and staff of the University.
University students can conduct research in the laboratories of the Research Park in cases of:
  • If the research is carried out as part of the preparation of a graduation thesis
  • If the student is part of a research group conducting its research
  • In other cases, provided the general rules are observed regulations
billion rubles
30,000 m2
laboratory area
The SPbU Quality Education Monitoring Center (QEMC)
The SPbU Quality Education Monitoring Center (QEMC) is a research hub that annually conducts surveys among students, postgraduates, faculty, administrative staff, graduates, employers, and applicants. Rest assured, participation in our surveys is confidential; all results are processed in an aggregated manner.
If you have questions, feel free to send them to our email:
Participating in QEMC surveys is an opportunity to voice your opinion and contribute to improving the quality of education at the University.
At the end of the academic year, we invite you to participate in a survey to share your experiences.